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Steve helped us evaluate several solar proposals, which were all very different and confusing. With Steve’s guidance, we were able to make an informed decision about which solar installer to go with savings us both time and money! We are thrilled with our home solar energy system that now produces clean, renewable energy for less money than we use to pay our local power company.

Paul & Meredith Morgan

Owners, Morgan Mountain Organic Gardeners

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The Go Solar Coach Can Help

Going solar shows that you care about the future. Today going solar is both a great choice for the environment and saves money.

In order to get the best deal possible, you should obtain solar quotes from two or more companies. Research finds that comparison shopping can save you thousands of dollars.

Comparing solar quotes, however, can be difficult. That’s why I created the Solar PV Installer Selection Guide to help you Go Solar with confidence.

Expert Independent Advice

Steve Letendre, PhD

I am a solar energy expert with over 20 years of experience as an energy consultant and educator. I had solar installed at my home in central Vermont in 2010.

The research is clear, obtaining multiple quotes can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of going solar. My goal is to help you select the best solar installer for your project to help take the stress out of Going Solar!

Having helped many people in my local area navigate the sometimes confusing process of evaluating competing solar energy quotes, I created this web site to reach more people like you. It is my goal to help homeowners and small business owners select the best PV system and solar intaller for their needs. By providing information and services through the Go Solar Coach web site, I want to accelerate the use of clean, renewable solar energy.

I have published over 50 articles and technical reports on solar and other clean energy topics. My work has appeared in numerous news outlets and in leading energy journals.

We wanted to add solar power to our new home and asked Steve to sit down with us to discuss our renewable energy options.  Steve was thorough, knowledgeable and helped us document our own energy usage in order to find the appropriate solar array for our site.  He knows the solar industry and through his personal connections, eventually helped us find a qualified solar energy installer.  Thanks, Steve!

Doug Frielich & Julie Sperling

Owners, Naga Bake House

I highly recommend Steven Letendre (Go Solar Coach) as a consultant for anyone thinking about installing solar.  He was a complete pleasure to work with.  Steve helped us with understanding the differences between the quotes we received in terms of equipment quality, equipment performance, appropriate sizing of the array, and understanding the legitimacy of the energy projections in each quote.  He also helped us ask the right questions in terms of prioritizing different scenarios.  It is obvious that he has deep knowledge of all aspects of the solar journey – from AC/DC power differences to state by state policy considerations to the importance of being sensitive to specific organizational needs.
Steve’s expert advice and detailed answers to our questions helped immensely in communicating our goals to our board and to our constituents.  I am so grateful for the timely and specific advice and feedback he provided in our decision making process. He gave us confidence to move forward in our journey to using solar energy.  Thank you, Steve!
Amy Huser

Sustainability & Outdoor Education Director, Camp Friedenswald

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The Solar PV Installer Selection Kit

Everything you need to Go Solar Like a Pro!

Steve’s services:

  • Easy to use resources to help you select the best solar installer for your project.
  • Individual consultations and support as needed.
  • Complete solutions, from soliciting system quotes, leading proposal assessments, and providing final recommendations.
  • For larger projects, production of bidding documents and construction management services.

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Steve Letendre

Go Solar Coach

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