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Steve Letendre, PhD

Steve is a solar energy expert providing independent advice to help you select the best solar installer for your project.

Meet Steve, Kathy, & Emery

Steve and his wife Kathy and teenage daughter Emery live in central Vermont in a super insulated home that uses natural building materials to create a unique and low energy modern home; check out the aerial video of Steve’s home below. The Letendre home uses solar to provide supplemental home heating during Vermont’s cold winters and provide electricity year-round through a grid-tied solar photovoltaic array. With over 20 years of experience teaching energy courses and doing energy consulting, Steve wants to share his expertise with a broader audience to accelerate the inevitable transition to a clean energy future.

Steve likes good, hoppy beer. Luckily Vermont is known for having the most microbrews per capita of any state!  Steve also likes to laugh, listen to music, snowboard, mountain bike, spend time with family & friends and read widely on economic history and policy.


  • Steve has a PhD in energy economics and policy from the University of Delaware and a MA degree in economics from Binghamton University in western New York State.
  • Steve is a clean energy consultant and an adjunct instructor for Vermont Law School teaching courses in environmental economics and energy policy and regulation.
  • As an energy consultant, I have conducted research for a variety of organizations including two of the U.S. Department of Energy’s national laboratories, the Smart Electric Power Alliance, and Vermont’s Green Mountain Power.
  • Steve is a frequent presenter at professional meetings and conferences and has published dozens of reports and articles in leading journals on a variety of energy topics. 

About the Go Solar Coach

There is an urgent need to address climate change and Going Solar is a great way to do your part. Going Solar, however, can be difficult so Steve created this web site to share his expertise and make himself available by phone or e-mail to help homeowners and small businsess owners make smart solar choices. The Go Solar Coach provides information resources to help homeowners and small business owners select the best solar PV installer for their particular needs.

Many solar information sites on the internet are tied to a particular installer or equipment manufacturers. Steve identified a need to provide an independent source of information to provide consumers with unbiased advice to help make decisions in their best interests. Steve accepts no support from any solar installers or equipment manufacturers, so you can feel confident you are getting expert independent advice.

The information about solar on the web is often in a form that is not easy to use. Steve provides information in an easy to use format so you can quickly compare solar quotes from different solar installation companies. Using his two decades as a professor, Steve identified the key issues you need to consider when selecting a solar installer.

Steve likes to have fun, so he created a Grateful Dead-inspired logo and ultimately wants to make Going Solar stress-free and even fun!

Thank you to Lucas Krauss ( for production of this video.

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Steve Letendre

Go Solar Coach

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