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Why Solar Energy?

Installing solar energy for your home or business is a great investment. And the icing on the cake: going solar also reduces your household’s impact on the environment! Chances are there are several solar installers in your area. Go ahead and give them a call to see if going solar is right for you.

Shop Around

I recommend getting at least two solar quotes. The research is clear comparison shopping can save you thousands of dollars on the cost of a solar energy system for your home or business. It’s not like going into the store and comparing the prices for say a loaf of bread. Comparing the cost of a solar energy system requires that you have a couple solar companies come to your home and do an assessment. Once they have looked around and made some measurements, they will give you a written quote that describes the system they would install and how much it will cost.

Apples & Oranges

Comparing solar energy quotes from different companies can be difficult. Using my two decades of experience as a solar energy consultant and educator, I’ve helped many people in my local area considering going solar evaluate competing solar energy proposals. Solar quotes from different companies are often difficult to compare given the fact that the number of solar panels being proposed along with the overall cost vary. Drawing from my own experience going solar and my decades of working in the solar field, I am able to help people quickly determine which solar proposal is best for their particular needs. I have heard from friends in the solar business that many households and business owners get frustrated when they get multiple quotes that are very different. Not being able to make apples to apples comparisons, people often just give up and decide to do nothing.

Don’t Give Up

I’m here to support you in the process with expert and independent information to help you make smart solar choices. I put together the Solar PV Installer Selection Guide to help you compare solar quotes and select the best solar installer for your project. For those of who may need a bit more help, I’ve created the Solar PV Installer Selection Kit you can purchase. This small investment could help you save thousands of dollars on the cost of Going Solar. Going solar should be fun, not stressful. Let the Go Solar Coach help you today! Steve Go Solar Coach call/text or e-mail TODAY! 802-779-3580 [email protected]