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Going solar can save money and reduce your environmental impact.
Going solar is a win win, both reducing what you spend on energy and supporting clean energy! Solar photovoltaic technology converts sunlight directly into electricity for use in your home. Steve produced some fun and informative videos on the basics of solar energy and how it can save you money and reduce your impacts on the environment.

Steve’s Beginner Vidoes and Selection Guide


Where does most of our energy come from?

How much solar energy strikes the earth each day?

How can I use solar energy in my home?

What are the benefits of solar energy?


How does going solar save money?

Do I need batteries in my basement to store solar energy?

Who keeps track of the energy produced from a solar PV system?

Go Solar!

How many solar PV system quotes should I get?

What questions should I ask each solar installer?

How do I compare quotes from several solar installers?

What information should I use to select the best solar installer for my project?

Go Solar With Confidence

Download the Free Solar PV Installer Selection Guide

Solar PV Information Resources

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy & Efficiency

Find out what the net-metering and other solar PV incentive programs are available in your area.

PVWatts Calculator

This is a popular PV sizing and production model developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This is used by many solar installers to estimate the annual energy production for the system being proposed for your home or business.

This nonprofit provides a free online tool for estimating solar and renewable energy system costs by zip code.