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Solar Installer Selection Kit

Tools to select the best solar installer for your project in less than an hour.

Solar PV Installer Selection Kit Information Tables

Click on the image to the right to download the Solar PV Installer Selection Kit pdf with the 10 easy to use tables to help organize the information contained in the solar PV quotes you received.

  • First, download and print out the Solar PV Installer Selection Kit: Information Tables.
  • Watch the Instruction Videos in order from #1 to #4.
  • Feel free to contact Steve at any point if you have questions: [email protected]¬†or 802-779-3580.

Instructional Video #1: Getting Started (4.35 min.)

  • What is Included and How to use the Solar Installer Selection Kit
  • Review the Selection Kit Information Tables
  • Complete the Installer Information Tables 1, 2, & 3

Instructional Video #1 Transcript

Instructional Video #2: System Cost & Performance (5.37 min.)

  • Information for System Cost & Performance, Table 4
  • How to Use the Online System Cost & Performance Calculator to calculate the values for Table 5

Instructional Video #2 Transcript


Online Cost & Performance Calculator

Instructional Video #3: Warranties/References & How to Decide (6.27 min.)

  • Typical Warranties for Equipment and Workmanship
  • Questions to Ask References
  • How to Use the Information to Decide

Instructional Video #3 Transcript


Instructional Video #4: Paying for the Solar PV System (11.29 min.)

  • What is a Solar Lease or Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)
  • Leasing/PPA vs. Purchasing
  • Filling in Tables 8a & 8b, Comparing Leasing and PPA Options
  • Filling in Table 9, Inputs for Financing Options
  • How to Use the Solar PV system Finance Calculator to Compare Financing Options, Table 10

Instructional Video #4 Transcript


Solar PV Finance Online Calculator